Friday, July 10, 2009

Ten Trends to Look For this Fall

1. Thigh High Boots were all the rage during Fall 2009 Fashion Week. Although you won't see any thigh-highs in our inventory, we will have some cute knee-length boots to choose from.

2. Velvet. If you aren't into velvet perhaps you can try a nicley fitted blazer.

3. Red has been called the "It" color for fall.

4. Defining Waists with belts. The belts can be thin, large or even corseted.

5. Leather. Not only was leather used by many of the designers at Fashion Week, I have noticed other clothing companies such as Juicy Couture adding leather and leggings to their fall collections. I love Juicy's leather hoodie found {here}. I have to say that I am kinda loving their Leopard-Wash Jeans and these {boots}.

6. Its all about the Leggings this Fall, whether they be black, denim {seen here at Juicy}, loose {see these interesting pictures}, or colored, they are here to stay. So hurry up and get a pair already!

7. Eighties shiny, sparkly minidresses. No explanation needed here.

8. Boyfriend Jacket= masculine, oversized blazer and perhaps even boxy {yet another piece returning from the 80's).

9. Fur. Keep it simple this year, think subtle touches.

10. Heavy Metal. In my search for which Fall shoes to purchase, I have noticed a lot a metal colors being used: pewter, silver, gold, gunmetal, bronze, the list goes on...

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